The King’s German Artillery try to show all aspects of life for Lord Wellington’s Artillery during the Peninsular War and the Waterloo Campaign. Unfortunately, bombing raids during the Second World War destroyed most of the records relating to this period. Consequently, a lot of questions remain unanswered. We do however, hope that we portray as authentically as possible, the King’s German Artillery during this period. We depict the camaraderie, music, camp life, cooking and fighting skill of this elite unit.

We are actively recruiting, so if you are looking for a new hobby which combines history, battles, camping, travel and making lots of noise (as well as firing cannons!) – look no further!

This is a hobby for families, so no-one should feel left out. Prospective members of the gun crew must be over 16 and preferably hold a Black Powder Licence (these are free to obtain). You will also need bags of enthusiasm, and preferably your own transport, as some of the sites where we display can be a bit off the beaten track!

Prospective new members will be expected to spend a weekend with us in order to see whether we are compatible with each other. This hobby will involve a lot of commitment and can take over your life!